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Surveillance Cloud

We offer three different options.

Detective Cloud. Our oldest design but still the most popular. Hire rates have been pegged for 1,000 years. Basic surveillance techniques. Floats over expected position (your co-ordinates). maintains position + or - 1/2 mile. Observes terrestrial activity then reports back to base for de-briefing. Full report forwarded to client. Illicit picnic liaisons a specialty.

Undercover Cloud. Fulfills all of the above parameters but with an added twist. Whilst Detective Cloud is capable of carrying out 75% of requested surveillance without detection we have recently had complaints that our clouds are being spotted. To counteract these complaints our Research and Development Department has designed Undercover Cloud. After 100 years of ongoing development we have the perfect solution. We will position a decoy cloud at your co-ordinates and (here's the twist in the tail!) we will also position an Undercover Cloud behind the decoy cloud which will peep around the decoy and make observations. Obviously slightly more expensive than Detective Cloud due to the ongoing costs of 2 clouds but still very cost effective.

Stealth Cloud.
Straight out of our R & D department and top secret (well not any more. Damn!) The ultimate surveillance cloud. N.A.S.A. tried but failed. Real beaut this one. We have established that the major drawback with our other Surveillance Clouds is that they are static for a long period of time over the subject and therefore tend to be spotted by them - mainly the (bored) females. We have also noted that our other Surveillance Clouds seem to be detected more readily when static outside bedroom windows. Not anymore. Our Stealth Cloud is totally invisible! Observations are now absolutely undetectable. You can't see it. Nobody can. But it's there. Honest. Trust us. Dead expensive.

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