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Sporty Cloud

Free Fall Clouds

Hire one of these clouds and experience the ultimate to the max experience. Hop on one of these babies and de-select the Automatic Float Control (Dare you!). Your cloud will plummet and spin earthwards at a very, very scary speed. Then it is totally up to you when to re-engage your Float Control. Dare you to re-engage at 500 feet, 200 feet, 100 feet, 25 feet, 6 inches (Galaxy Record), or even 0 feet(Galaxy Record Attempt). Bit ambitious.
Ambulance Clouds are floating nearby during these events and unsuccessful clients are automatically given a 25% discount on our Book a Cloud Service. 

Cloud 1 Racing

Practice and warm up around the earth and then off to the stars.

Route and further details to be announced. Bernie Ecclestone not currently involved. Splash 'n dash available at Jupiter.

Soon to be available for all
Major Sporting Events

The Schumacher Cloud. 

No matter how incredibly talented you are in your own particular sport it's always handy to have an ace card up your sleeve. This is our most sophisticated cloud to date. We have  produced only one so far (sorry Ron). Michael selects the Rain Cloud Button on his steering wheel. Instant  victory. Instant champagne.

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Siege Report

Cloud held hostage by armed sadman. 

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