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20 August 2002

Siege Report Special

Caerleon - South Wales  13:32 GMT
Reporter on scene: Carrie O'Van 

Inside Today:

Location:    Caerleon. Live siege situation currently in progress inside badly decorated two-up, two-down.
Situation:   Male, IC1, 36, has captured small cloud and bundled it into badly decorated house. Neighbours report his name is 'Darragh'. Appears severely distressed and suffering from excess condensation.
View:  Poor.
Armed police arriving and taking up position around house and on adjacent rooftops.
Officer in charge: DCI Adam Salt - beginning negotiations.

Salt:    'We know you're in there Darragh. Release the cloud and you won't get hurt.'
Darr:    'Up yours, copper! Tell your men to back off, or the cloud gets it!'
Salt:   'What is it you want, Darragh?'
Darr:   'I want to see the eclipse of the moon. Those bastards up there ruined the one in Cornwall, they're not going to spoil this one!'
Salt (stalling):    'It's going to take time to arrange something like that, Darragh. I'll have to clear it with my boss. Maybe even with the Met.'
Darr:   'Go ahead copper. You've got until 18:42.'
Salt (aside to colleague):   'I don't like the way that occluded front is forming over the hills behind us. Things could turn ugly. Get
da Fluffit on the line.'
Colleague:  'Mezula da Fluffit? The cloud guy?'
Salt (irriatably):   'Of course Mezula da Fluffit. How many other cloud-control experts do you know called da Fluffit?'
Salt (through megaphone):   'Darragh?'
Darr:   'What do you want now, copper?'
Salt (soothingly):   'You know, when I was a little boy, my mother would often tell me that there were things I couldn't have. We all face disappointment in our lives but, you know, sometimes it can help if we just take a deep breath.'
Darr:  'Shut it, copper! I know what you're trying to do, and it won't work! I've got a kettle in here, and I'm not afraid to use it!'
Salt (to colleague):   'He's got a kettle.'
Colleague (grimly):    'I heard, sir. Da Fluffit's on the line now sir.'
Salt (to da Fluffit):   'Do you know this Darragh guy, Mezula?'
Mezula:   'I'm afraid I do, Inspector. We've been monitoring him ever since he threatened one of our employees with an Orgone Powered Cloudbuster. He's pretty paranoid. I wouldn't chance anything.'
Salt:   'He claims he's got a kettle in there.'
Mezula (long pause):   'Do you think he'll use it?'
Salt:   'I don't know. But what I do know is there's a pretty ugly looking bunch of Cumulostratus turned up on the scene. We're having trouble holding them back. I'm worried they might descend on him.'
Mezula:   'Things could get foggy.'
Salt:   'Exactly. I need you down here, da Fluffit. Pronto.'
Mezula:   'Be right there.'
Da Fluffit descends on small Cirrus with personalized plates.
Mezula:   'Okay, Inspector. What are his demands?'
Salt:   'He wants to see the eclipse of the moon.'
Mezula:   'You're not going to give in to him, are you?'
Salt:   'No way.'
Mezula:   'Because if you do you know where it will lead, don't you? Every nutter with a kettle will be demanding sunny-days and red-sky at night, and all manner of things. Who knows where it could end.'
Salt (grimly):   'I know. Half these people will only be happy when we're living in some kind of dried-up, sunny, namby-pamby paradise world. They're living in cloud-cuckoo land if you ask me.'
Mezula:   'Don't knock cloud-cuckoo land, Inspector. Some of my best friends.'
Salt (interrupting):   'Alright, alright. I'm sorry. No offence, Mezula, but dealing with these crazies day-in, day-out makes me a little cloudist sometimes, you know?.'
Mezula:   'So what's the plan, Inspector?'
Salt:   'I'm going to count to three and then we're going to break the door down and kick the bacteria out of him.' 
Mezula:   'Sounds good. Just make sure he doesn't get a chance to use that kettle.'
Salt (through megaphone):   'Darragh? Release the cloud or we're coming in.'
Salt waves his men forward.

Salt:   'Not you, Mezula. We can handle it from here. Seeing you might just...'
Mezula:   'Tip him over the edge?'
Salt:   'Exactly.'
Salt and the armed response team kick the door down and charge inside. Cloud rushes out. Minutes later they emerge dragging kidnapper between them.
Salt (to Mezula, throwing down empty kettle):  'Wasn't even loaded. What a jerk.'
Mezula (clouds parting behind head, rays of sunshine glowing around him):  'Be gentle with him, Inspector. He's a sick man, a very sick man.'
Darr (being shoved into van):   'Next time, da Fluffit! Next time!'

Rain Rage and how to control it.

Shock! Horror!
3 in a bed!!

The N.H.S was embroiled in a fresh scandal today when it was discovered that they are now operating a 3 in a bed system to overcome the problem of the ever lengthening waiting list.

Our sources told us "The new system seemed to be working well until the little one said "Roll over" and so they all rolled over and one fell out".

The Minister in charge promised a full investigation as soon as he had stopped laughing.

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