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Over the years we have received many letters commending our clouds.
We print here a small representation of the praise we regularly receive.

"Perfect! Light & fluffy. Just what I ordered."

"Many thanks for your help. You  were absolutely right. 'I wandered lonely as a lost sheepy weepy' didn't scan as well."
Will Wordsworth

"Brilliant disguise! Merci beaucoup..."
Scarlet Pimpernel

"Dead handy. Low lying cloud over battlefield worked a treat. Never saw us coming. (Spotted arrow through cloud a tad late)  See you later.
King Harold 1066 
(Eye Clinic)

"Very impressive. Does what it says on the cloud. Even large meteorites bounce off harmlessly. Here comes a huge........."
A rather surprised dino
A. Dino (by e-mail)

"Your Banner Message Cloud advertising campaign was a winner - and much cheaper than Yahoo. Thank you".

Complaints Department

In the unlikely event that you wish to register a complaint about our service or maybe about the behaviour of one of our clouds please use the form on the Contact page.

All complaints are fully investigated.

Siege Report

Cloud held hostage by armed sadman. 

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"Dear Mr. Fluffit,
As the major shareholders in we are left no option but to register a complaint. Our doves, letters and (most recently) e-mails have all gone unanswered. We are, by nature, patient and affable creatures but even we have our limits. We have been perched atop this high tree on this high mountain for far too long. Still no sign of the promised 2nd. lifeboat.
Your earliest reply would be welcomed."
Mr.& Mrs. Dodo. 
"I wish to register a complaint. This is an ex-parrot.
Oh whoops. Wrong Complaints Department..."
M. Python, Esq.
Please remove your free samples from over our property.  The three month's trial period must surely be over by now and we are returning them.  They are defective, as they are constantly leaking.  Please send us some bright luminous orange ones instead.


We can not be held responsible for Acts of God or any other such stuff.

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Page last updated: 20-08-2002