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Plague of Frogs

For a Short Period Only                     As Not Seen On T.V.

We have only recently acquired a portfolio of these friendly but slimy amphibians. Whilst only available to our more discerning (and blatantly overpaid) clients these reptile gatecrashers are a must for all social occasions (other people's, obviously).              Where's my umbrella!

We will arrange to dispatch by Courier Cloud a Plague of Frogs to any location at any time. Frog permitting.
Pre-dawn manifestations have proven to cause less than the required visual effect and have resulted in many of the traffic hold-ups experienced by early morning commuters.Excuse me. I've got a frog in my throat.

Book NOW! To avoid our disappointment please send us MONEY. NOW PLEASE.    Every frog must have its day.

Legal Stuff: Our (most recent) team of lawyers insist that we emphasise the total insecurity of this site and suggest that all financial contributions be channeled through their Cayman Islands accounts. Account no's to follow.   This'll teach the French!

N.B. Due to ongoing negotiations with various animal right groups the delivery of your Plague of Frogs cannot be totally guaranteed but a photograph album of our most famous frogs will be forwarded. Honest.

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