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Coming Soon

Cloud Pump:
To help cope with all the ACTS of GOD (and absolutely nothing to do with faulty clouds in anyway associated with Cloud Kissing, we will soon be  offering the quickly developed Cloud Pump. It will pump out water from your house and remove it to a safe distance. Ready very soon!

Cloud Fuel Station:
You'll never have to queue again during a fuel crisis. Cloud Fuel Station comes to you! No tax to pay to the government. All profits go to us. Diesel about 2.00 per litre and rising!

Cloud Sprinkler:
Hose pipe ban? Use a cloud.Un-metered.
(Suspended due to inclement weather)

Cloud Cam:
Specially designed cloud that takes aerial photos of your home (or one within 1/2 mile due to wind conditions). Really big Big Brother!

Cloud D.I.Y:
Don't try this on your own! We will give you the basics. Ready packaged components will be delivered to your home. Full instructions will be supplied. Makes greenhouse building look easy. Be very scared when opening box!

Homing Clouds:
Great new sport! Specially trained clouds which are transported and then released far from your home. Home back (as in pigeons). Most don't.

Cloud Awards:
The cloud world's equivalent of the Oscar's. Long winded Darling Cloud speeches are sadly unavoidable.

Book a Cloud: (for your pet)
To be Announced

Cloud Coupons:
Available at all good retailers.

Siege Report

Cloud held hostage by armed sadman. 

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