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Cloud Teaser

Spot The Stealth Cloud

We have positioned five of our state-of-the-sky Stealth Clouds in various secret locations around the Globe. Can you spot them?

Normally this would be an impossible task as these Clouds are designed to be totally invisible. To give you a fair chance these five Stealth Clouds have been programmed to de-select their Stealth capabilities for ten minutes each day (times not to be announced).

As each Cloud is correctly identified we will display on our web site the location of the Cloud and the name of the person who spotted it.

Happy Cloud Spotting!

Please e-mail your entry to:


Correct Sightings

Yes, I am sure I have spotted a Stealth cloud. Last week my husband and I were walking along the beach in Georgia. I had grown tired of dancing on the clouds so we decided to boat over to Wassa Island, A barrier island off the coast of Georgia and low and behold as we were walking I looked up into the sky and yes I am sure I spotted a Stealth cloud. Just as I told my husband about this sighting and he looked upward it zoomed away. I guess the time period and expired. There are several barrier island that we visit so I will continue to be on alert for more Stealth clouds.
February 9th 2002

Clever cloud was hiding above the haze and smog over the Houston Ship Channel and the
Petrochemical factories.  It was only briefly sighted at high noon today during an Ozone alert.
Tommie Ferguson
Houston, TX, USA
November 11 2001

Oh, it's me again.  I was so excited to see another of your 'covert' clouds, over the downtown area, near the main post office, but I was mistaken.  I think it was an 'anthrax' cloud instead.  Or perhaps a
cloud of 'Intrigue'.
"Eyes peeled",
Tommie Ferguson
Houston, TX, USA
November 11 2001

Siege Report

Cloud held hostage by armed sadman. 

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Hello friends,
I have recently spotted 2 clouds I believe you may be looking for. One of them was going by the name of Old Yellow and was franticly being chased by another with the name of Pinky. Both were spotted around the 7:30 P.M. time frame dashing about the horizon in Georgia right before suns set.
Hope you catch them,
Greg Echols
October 26th 2001

I saw your cloud today. It floated past whilst I was re-wiring a house in Denbigh, North Wales. I was so shocked I spilt my tea!
Wil Williams
June 6th  2000

I could have sworn I saw one of those Stealth Clouds floating over Austin, Texas yesterday.... amazing.....
Love Melinda Pontruff
July 7th 2000

We have spotted one of your surveillance clouds. It was above Arnold, Notts, U.K. at 14.45 on the 8th July 2000

Pretty sure I saw one of your stealth clouds over the spires and chimneys of Basingstoke earlier today...
July 17th 2000

It's been peeping through my bedroom curtains and giggling. Make it go away please!
August 9th 2000

I saw your stealth cloud today. It's in Florida. It's watching the girls on the beach.
August 18th 2000

It's back outside my window again. It is very off-putting. My girlfriends can't see it. They think I am mad - but I know it's there.
August 30th 2000

Saw one of your stealth clouds over Hastings, UK today. Cleferly hid itself amid a large bank of storm-clouds. The cloud intelligence program must be coming along well.
Step-ur-han the Sane
December 26th 2000

Unfortunately, in your otherwise excellent design of this cloud, you have ommitted the obvious. I live in Wales, and for the last 762 days it has been cloudy and/or raining. Having consulted my copy of Gibson's 'Laws of Nature' (vol XXXIII), I was able to clarify my hunch that we still have another 212 days of blanket cloud left to run.
However, today, I saw a clear patch of sky about 2 miles North West of my bedroom window, clearly contravening Gibsons Law no. 2,245. 'Aha,' I thought to myself, 'There he is, that Stealth Cloud.' I claim my prize, and no weasling your way out of it by claiming to be following Arbuthnot's laws instead of Gibson's. We all know they were abandoned in 1215.

Yours faithfully,

Darragh Hewat
January 5th 2001

I have spotted "white fluff"  playing with "gray dawn" in Northwest B C Canada I think white fluff may be one of your hidden clouds.

Take Care
January 20th 2001

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Page last updated: 20-08-2002