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Book a Cloud

After lengthy negotiations with St. Peter we are now able to offer a once-in-your-lifetime opportunity to Book a Cloud.

Once your booking has been taken you may rest assured that the cloud of your choice will be awaiting you whenever (or however) you shuttle off, crash off or fall off your mortal coil.

On arrival at the Reception Area you have only to fill in the obligatory multiple choice questionnaire e.g.

Have you been?

Good             Bad                    Awful
Genocidal Dictator                    Builder 

And upon successfully, we hope, receiving your Certificate of Merit you will be shown to your cloud.

All clouds will be brand new, fully sky tested, fluffy and white. They will be furnished with full instructions on how to use them and on their care (a regular visit to the Automatic Cloud Washing facility is highly recommended).

In the unlikely event of you not receiving a Certificate of Merit and therefore not requiring a cloud, your cloud will be sent for re-cycling. You, of course, know where you will be going. Refund applications will be honoured but, to date, have been far too scorched to be legible.

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